Couture Shoot

Couture.This is a couture fashion shoot we collaborated on with gowns by Gino Valardi, Creative direction, makeup & Hair by Chacha Romero of Vanity Dolls Studio, along with Mercedes Calahorra. We also styled with garments from our studio.

Models: Maddison Flowers, Lakota Lefler , Kelly Insinna, Vyla Vaudette.

Couture_Sheila_Broderick_2017 (3).jpg
Sheila_Broderick_Couture_2017 copy1.jpg
Sheila_Broderick_Couture_2017 copy44.jpg
Sheila_Broderick_Couture_2017 copy45.jpg
Sheila_Broderick_Couture_2017 copy42web.jpg